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Lawrence, NJ

Additions, Alterations, Historic Preservation, Housing, Adaptive Re-Use

the inn at glencairn


Because this house was large and close to the highway it had served a variety of uses throughout its history. It had been a single-family house, a hospital for Hessian soldiers and in the 1950s, it was subdivided into three apartments. The building's historic importance was recognized in the 1930s when it was documented by the Federal program known as HABS (Historic American Building Survey). Fearing that the house would fall into disrepair with its history of neglect, the Lawrence Township Historic Review Board encouraged the current owners to restore the building and convert it into a Bed and Breakfast. This would help preserve the main interior spaces and architectural details of the building. The project scope included considerable structural repairs, the creation of an Innkeeper's suite in the existing attic, the addition of new heating and cooling systems and the creation of new bathrooms to serve each of the five bedroom suites. The work was undertaken while maintaining the integrity of the original structure, historic architectural details and overall charm. Ford 3 Architects completed the work in the summer of 2005. Now the Inn at Glencairn B & B fills a great need in the Princeton area for the kind of intimate hospitality that is not available in the many Route 1 motels and hotels.

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