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Philadelphia, PA

Interior Renovations and Alterations



The MoreBank renovation was located in a recently subdivided building in Chinatown, Philadelphia. The project included the removal of all existing finishes, the construction of new rooms, a vault installation and the construction of a new stair to the mezzanine level. The program consisted of the main cash services area, which included a bullet resistant teller line, manager's office, support spaces, and a safe deposit box vault and viewing rooms on the first floor and two additional offices on the mezzanine level as well as a lounge space. 

The proportions of the space were long and narrow with little street frontage which made the efficiency of the floor plan very important. The building was originally a warehouse structure that had been previously altered to create the mezzanine within the tall first floor level. This created the opportunity to make a large atrium space when entering the bank to increase the amount of natural light penetrating into the back spaces. 

One of the challenges in this project was to install the vault above a basement level. This required the design and construction of additional structural support in the basement level. The project included the installation of a walk-up ATM and night drop through the existing curtain wall.

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