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Atlantic City, NJ

Historic Preservation, Renovations and Addition

carnegie library


Designed by Albert R. Ross in 1904, the Carnegie Library in Atlantic City served as the city's public library until 1985. It is built in the Classical Revival style. The rear elevation was brick covered in stucco, clearly indicating the intention for an addition from the outset of the project. Once it was purchased by the Casino Reinvestment Redevelopment Authority (CRDA), the architect was instructed to restore the significant architectural features and in addition to convert the library to a new use as a continuing education facility to be operated by nearby Stockton College. 

The addition to the rear of the building provides additional floor space, and contains a lecture hall, computer lab, technical support room, student lounge, and several seminar rooms, classrooms, and faculty offices. New service spaces include restrooms on every floor, an elevator, emergency stairs, and storage rooms. 

The interior rehabilitation includes restoration of significant architectural features in the grand stair hall, modernization of the building systems, and provisions for electronic classrooms. ADA compliance is a very key component of the project. 


An FFMG project.

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