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Lawrenceville School

 Historic Preservation



The Lawrenceville Circle Houses form the heart of the 1880's Frederick Law Olmsted designed campus plan, which consists of a common surrounded by dormitories, classroom buildings and the chapel. The original architects for these buildings, Peabody and Stearns, created six residential scale dormitories each now housing approximately 35 boys, two housemasters and their families. 

The Houses were constructed of high quality materials; however one hundred years of wear took its toll with much of the infrastructure nearing the end of its useful life. The buildings did not meet the current life safety code requirements and did not provide barrier free accessibility. 

Ford Farewell Mills and Gatsch, Architects, LLC was commissioned to provide the design for complete renovations of these dormitories. After an initial study, FFMG devised an approach to the work that was phased over the course of four summers, renovating one or two houses at a time. 


A project by FFMG

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